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Amber Lynn Biography Photo Amber Lynn Biography
Born: 9/3/1963
Aliases: Amber Adams, Laura Allen

Born: September 3, 1963 In Newport Beach, California
Resides now in: California
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Breasts 36C
Waist 24”
Hips 35”

Born and raised the jet-set lifestyle of any would be surfer girl from southern California, Amber wanted more. She was never one to take heed from a challenge or daring bet. Not about to back away from obtaining her dreams and ambitions Amber would let no one thing or no one stand in her way. Once noted as saying, You're talking about a business that has been around as long as anybody can remember. It's certainly not harmful. What's the big deal? They fought and fought against X-rated films for years. They got nowhere. Now adult actresses are crossing over into the strip market. So, they're going after strippers now. I don't see the big deal. I think it's just like finding another thing to find fault with as an excuse for why society has so many problems. There is no harm in doing or supplying what the public desires, after all fans know best.

Her upbringing and surroundings would place her in the right place at the right time, leaving no stone unturned Amber was out to make her mark. As the club scene raged forth out of a loose knit 70’s atmosphere, Amber set for stardom was easy on the eyes and heavy on the scene. Her slender sleek innocent valley girl look was an instant smash. One bat of those emerald green eyes and flash of pearly white skin, was her calling card to fame. Quickly making acquaintance with one of the industries top peddlers in Larry Flint from Hustler, Amber became near best friends with Aletha Flynt- Larry’s wife.

The modeling she was doing seemed petty compared to the checks she was cashing in on the spreads she adorned in Hustler and Penthouse, and a wide assortment of other popular gentlemen’s magazines. As these spreads took to the shelves of the local stores, her career would take flight in adult film. Amber took to the screen like a true master, in 1983 she made her porn debut in “Personal Touch 3”

As the 80’s took bloom the industry was shaken up with mayhem and scandal, plastering allegations far and wide, luckily knowing the indicted people was not enough to put Amber in any danger in all of this. Her and many of her co-workers would live to work another day, except for her close gal pal Shauna Grant whom took her own life as scandal enveloped her.

Amber would take a few breaks through and around all the turmoil that this industry seemed to offer. Taking her turn at acting, dancing and even producing Amber set off in all her talents to move on only to soon return to what made the big bucks. She had experienced a lifetime of worries, addictions, problems and with a bit of help took some time to get clean of a few of her demons, seeing her way into the year 2000 clean and sober, as all true champions persevere. Amber was ready to take on the world again proclaiming a new chapter was unfolding and fans of all ages now adore her work as she sets back in action adorning adult film with her bountiful beauty.

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